• Pruning Specialist

    Specialist pruning at the right time of year can make or break a garden. At Garden Thumb, we take pruning very seriously. We want to bring out the very best in your garden, delivering regular and abundant fruit and flowers.

    Correct pruning techniques and specific plant knowledge will ensure we maximise your plants full potential and deliver spectacular aesthetic appeal, flowering, fruiting and overall plant health. Larger shrubs and trees can take on a spectacular new look in your garden with careful pruning considerations.

    We also provide fruit pruning services to improve fruit yield, overall health and desired tree structure for longevity and ease of harvest.

    All pruning carried out by Garden Thumb is in accordance with the highest Horticultural standards and AS4373.

  • Pest & Disease

    Insects and diseases are attracted to stressed, damaged or otherwise unhealthy plants, so the key to preventative control is taking good care of your plants. There is no one better than a qualified and experienced Horticulturist and Permaculturist to understand general plant health and pests and disease.

    It is important to remember though, not every insect is an enemy or pest in your garden. In fact insects play an important role in the garden, pollinating, breaking down organic matter or eating the real insect enemies.

    Let us advise you on the most effective controls for pest, disease and weed control programs including the use of ecological controls. These might include integrating predatory insects, traps, physical barriers and other organic approaches and products where possible. Organic methods of pest and disease control whenever possible mean a healthier garden for you, your plants and the insects, birds and animals around you.

  • Building Healthy Soil

    Soil is a blend of organic material, water, air, and minerals. The organic material comes from plant roots, microorganisms and decaying plants and animals. When the organic material decays, it feeds the plants that are growing in the soil.

    Adding compost, mulch, manures, organic fertilisers and green manures are some ways to improve and maintain good health within your garden. Garden Thumb can help you understand the basics of building healthy soil. Whether we start with an observation and pH test, or we delve into a more thorough soil analysis, Garden Thumb will offer the right advice regarding your soil.

    For the serious gardener, hobby farm or farmer, thorough soil tests can be carried out in the lab followed up with interpretation and recommendations including the repatriation of soils and/or nutrient budgets based on crop outputs.

  • Arboriculture

    Arboriculture includes the cultivation and management of trees and shrubs. Garden Thumb’s understanding of Arboriculture means we can give you the very best advice for small, medium and large trees and shrubs.

    We can give you specialist consultation in regards to overall health, pruning and/or removal of trees. Trees can take on a spectacular new appearance with specialist pruning and/or fertilizing just like the picture attached.

    All Arboriculture advice and services offered by Garden Thumb is in accordance with AS 4970-2009 and AS4373.