Garden Maintenance

Garden Thumb specialise in Home Garden Maintenance. We can mow your lawn or restore your whole garden. By the way, we do everything else in between. Our small garden maintenance team will tend to your garden with the inspiration, understanding and efficiency that our business philosophy demands.

Garden Thumb have the qualifications and experience to not only improve and maintain your garden, but to offer sound advice, techniques and services to minimise your maintenance requirements in the future. Yes, despite being in the business of garden maintenance, we’re also in the business of minimising maintenance. The way we see it, if we can minimise time, money and maintenance in your garden, we’re more likely to retain you as a satisfied customer forever.

See some of our services listed below and others under the Specialist Services menu:

  • Lawn Mowing

    Garden Thumb is proud of its high quality, efficient, lawn mowing services from Batemans Bay to Tuross Head. To ensure the best results, we use only quality equipment regularly maintained for optimum performance.

    All of our mowing services include edging and blowing to ensure a neat and tidy finish. We deliver a reliable, friendly and professional mowing service at competitive rates.

    As Horticulturists providing lawn mowing services at no additional cost, Garden Thumb can also advise you on feeding strategies to keep your lawn looking its best. Alternatively, we can renovate or even create a new lawn for you.

  • Green Waste Removal

    Big gardening and restoration jobs often require more than the green council bin. Garden Thumb can environmentally dispose of your green waste. Our 4 cubic metre hydraulic tip trailer ensures we leave your garden and home looking beautiful, neat and tidy.

  • Pruning

    Specialist pruning of trees and shrubs at the right time of year can make all the difference to your garden. At Garden Thumb, we take pruning very seriously. We want to bring out the very best in your garden, delivering regular and abundant foliage and flowers.

    Correct pruning techniques and specific plant knowledge will ensure we maximise your plants full potential and deliver spectacular aesthetic appeal, flowering, fruiting and overall plant health. Larger shrubs and trees can take on a spectacular new look in your garden with careful pruning considerations.

    All pruning carried out by Garden Thumb is in accordance with the highest Horticultural standards and AS4373.